Attending a new church can be an intimidating experience. What is going to happen? What should I wear? Will they make me stand? Will there be people like me? We don’t want you to feel uncertain about visiting Gracepoint DMV.  So here’s what to expect on a typical Sunday:

You don’t need to dress up. When you arrive, you will be warmly greeted and ushered in to a seat by our welcome team.  Our praise team leads a time of singing, we hear a sermon, and our service ends with prayer. Afterwards, we like to share a meal together.

At our church, you’ll find people who have been Christians for years alongside of people who are checking out church for the first time in their lives.  We invite you to join us!


Upcoming Events . . . 

EC Spring Retreat.png

It's finally here!

Join us for our first ever East Coast Spring Retreat!  Whether you're Christian or not, it'll be a good time of getting to know students from all of our other Gracepoint Churches on the East Coast, hearing what the Bible has to say about our lives, and growing closer to God!